Czech O' Rico

sound and installation - Patricia

My origin is one half Puerto Rican, the other half Czech.
During a stay in the capital city of San Juan Puerto Rico, and later in my mother's birthplace in the Czech Republic, I was concerned with the different ways my families lived in their hometowns. I thought about similarities and differences, characteristics of these cultures and the impressions that were stuck in my memory. I decided to set these memories to music and record them in this way.
There were constellations and overlaps that I wanted to share. This resulted in a four-track audio file of Puerto Rico and the Czech Republic, which I played in a continuous loop in one room. Both tracks mixed and an entertaining interplay of sounds could be heard.
As an interior, a folding chair from great-grandma's garden and turquoise shutters from the Caribbean island reminded of vacation or a faraway country.
Drinking a piña colada together mixed with conversations in a restaurant with Bohemian cuisine. In this way, despite the great distance of both countries and my families in several senses, I was able to bring them together in one room.