audio-visual photobook

I wonder where in life the brake pedal is installed. So far, I have stepped on it more random.
In my mind, it's like the feeling of rolling down a hill in a wheelchair at increasing speed.
I guess the fear of missing out and thus ending up with nothing at all is familiar to me. 
I enjoy, when I have the peace to focus on the trivial or fleeting things. 
The struggle to make life into something better is more likely to lose of it. 

If one of the greatest design principles is 'less is more', this must also apply in to life.  

photography of meanwhile

This photo-audio book is a mixture of fleeting and incidental takes from my immediate surrounding. In this way it tries to slow down time and extend the present, so that everything seems a little bit slower.
While devoting my time into this book, I also get time back.

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