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Studio Leon-Torres consists of Patrica & Joachim Leon-Torres, based in Nuremberg, Germany. Both studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg. They work in various fields of art. During their studies they both experimented with different media and participated in various exhibition projects.
Seeking to pause, impressed by God's creation.


audio-visual book project

Joachim is currently working on a publication, funded by 'Bayern Innovativ'. This should function like an exhibition for the own living room.

A small excursion into the art of lingering

Please leave me a message if you would like to be kept informed about this project.

planned release May 2022


Back To The Roots_2019

Back To The Roots

2019, Acryl on Canvas, 40x30 cm / by Patricia

Everybody Wanna Be On Top,But They Don't Know What It Means_2017
Everybody Wanna Be On Top, But They Don't Know What It Means

2017, Acryl on Canvas; 200x150cm / by Patricia